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Since 2004, OÜ Sentafarm has established and developed a farm of Aberdeen-Angus beef cattle. Over these years, we have bought and raised a main herd of pure-bred cattle, which consists of 135 suckler cows. We have bought in-calf heifers from Sweden, Hungary and Switzerland. Breeding bulls have also been bought from Sweden and Switzerland. Suckler cows are kept in three separate herds. Since we started from “a scratch”, there are no crossbred animals in our cattle herds.

We have built new modern lightweight barns with sheds and feeding facilities, a barn for fattening cattle and a hay barn that holds more than 1,000 hay rolls. A shed for farming technology has been built in the middle of the farm. We have acquired all the technological equipment required for farm management. We have set up stock fences with a total length of more than 15 km.

It is not inexpensive to run a contemporary beef cattle farm, and approximately 1 million euros have been invested into the farm over the years. This includes the personal investments by the owners (Katrin and Enn Noorkõiv, in equal parts), bank loans, ERDF funds and the grants obtained from the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board.

The share capital of OÜ Sentafarm is 42,182 euros (660,004 kroons).
In the following years, we plan to continue building new facilities and obtain new technology. In addition to the existing technology, we will have to acquire equipment for collecting winter feed. The cattle currently consume 3,000 rolls of silo and hay as winter feed.

Mõniste’s land, meadows and hills are ideally suited for raising beef cattle. Thus, we plan to enlarge the number of livestock.

We constantly sell young bulls for beef to our partners MTÜ Liivimaa Lihaveis and OÜ Nordic Beef. Sentafarm has a holding in these enterprises both directly and through owners. Cow-heifers will be kept among the cattle or they are sold as livestock to other farms.

In addition to animal breeding services, OÜ Sentafarm also provides other services related to the breeding of beef cattle, such as consultations and training trips.
OÜ Sentafarm is a member of the Estonian Beef Breeders Association.

       SENTAFARM OÜ  Mõniste vald, Võrumaa 66014   
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