OÜ Sentafarm raises pure-bred Aberdeen-Angus cattle. This breed originates from Aberdeenshire and Angus in Northern Scotland. Within 50 years, this breed became one of the most common beef cattle breed in the whole world. This breed is currently the largest breed of beef cattle in the USA and Argentina. The first herd book since 1862. Aberdeen-Anguses are of medium size, hornless, they have a long body and they are relatively high animals. Their colour is mostly black, but red colour also occurs. They are widely used for improving the quality of meat and milk yield. Calving is relatively easy. The birth weight of a calf is approximately 35-38 kg, whereas grown-up cows weigh 550-750 kg, oxen 850-900 kg and bulls up to 1,000 kg. The carcase yield is up to 60%.
Among many other beef cattle breeds in the whole world, Aberdeen-Angus stands out for its exceptionally high quality of meat. What is the reason for that?

Keeping of beef cattle. In summer, the cattle are kept as herds of ca 45 main cattle cows (suckling cows). There must be natural pasture of 1 ha or cultural pasture of 0.5 ha per one animal. In April-May, newborn calves will be added to the herd of suckling cows, and since a pasture of 0.2 ha must be reserved for them, it takes ca 50 ha of natural pasture with small clusters of trees and bushes to keep one herd. The herd must have a barn or a pavilion (feeding place). Beef cattle are not fed in the barn, but on pasture or walking area. Production buildings for beef cattle need not to be capital constructions.